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About Us

Opportunity Microcredit Romania aims to be a partner for the region’s small and micro entrepreneurs, a partner they can count on, whether they start their business, their business progresses or matures. Opportunity Microcredit Romania aims to be more than just credit. It seeks for lasting relationships with clients to whom it represents the one solution. Target groups consist of entrepreneurs who don’t have access to commercial banks, either because they have just started their business or because of insufficient guarantees or sometimes because of the small size of their business.


Opportunity Microcredit Romania exists to support small entrepreneurs starting their businesses, or to develop existing ones, and thus stimulate the Romanian economy; its goal is to establish jobs, improve the living conditions of entrepreneurs and their families with disadvantageous backgrounds, supporting equal opportunities within the society and rejecting discrimination.




Vision: We would like to be the leading social purpose financial institution in Romania.




Mission: We are committed to provide opportunities for people in economically disadvantaged situations to transform their lives.




Strategy: We sustain jobs, we support the establishment and development of enteprises for our target groups and we consolidate economically disadvantaged communities.



Values: Respect, integrity, humility, commitment to small and micro enterprises, stewardship and transformation.



Opportunity Microcredit Romania seeks to continuously offer outstanding business practices to all stakeholders, including its investors, employees, customers as well as the local community.

Our primary responsibility is to distribute quality financial services to our clients and do this in an ethical way. Feeling responsibility for our employees is also an important part of our activity. We aim to retain employees, constantly improving their working conditions, but also to increase labor quality, continuously developing our human resources. Our business strategy focuses both on the institution’s internal and external environment. Thus we can come up with and implement programs that may contribute to improving both our internal and external environment.



Shareholders and creditors

Opportunity Microcredit Romania focuses on maximizing shareholder value; therefore shareholders are one of our most important target groups. Mapping investor interests and corresponding with their expectations is treated as priority; we intend to ensure practices that encourage responsible and sustainable operation.

Our Clients

We consider as our mission to offer clients a range of high quality services. Our social responsibility towards our customers is manifested through our efforts in product and service development, through the quality and orientation of our loans, through responsibly informing the customer, as well as through the development of our clients’ financial literacy. We have recognized our importance and role in shaping the business sector, mainly by providing information and guidance. Our mission, therefore, is to offer complete and high quality microcredit services to our customers.

Our employees

A cornerstone of our business strategy is our social responsibility towards employees. Their adequate training, satisfaction, motivation and loyalty guarantee our high performance. The core of our human resource strategy is to focus on staff retention, ensuring their constant development by the implementation of all available modern processes.

Our partners, suppliers

In all situations when our clients offer fast and effective solutions, products or services that meet our organisation’s needs, we consider them as our first option and cooperate with them without fail. External suppliers are evaluated and selected based on their price, quality, efficiency and reliability. Competition among suppliers allows us to require good morality, mutual business benefits and the existence of reliable, long-term relationships with them.

Our social relations

a.Creating opportunities
As an active facilitator, Opportunity Microcredit Romania aims to take part in supporting the young, the elderly and small businesses in their everyday lives, to create essential opportunities and prevail among the ever-higher standards of modern society. According to its possibilities our institution supports initiatives that provide an opportunity for a life, for a community or a disadvantaged social group. Accordingly, we focus on helping children, young people, start up businesses in disadvantaged situations, and encourage the employment of the elderly.

b. Community building
Opportunity Microcredit Romania, as a leading Transylvanian microcredit institution, believes in passing on community traditions, as well as preservation and augmentation of Transylvanian values. Our institution’s over 14 years of experience, the social character of our customer relations show that the most difficult task of community building is to maintain dialogue and openness among people. The best scene for initiating a dialogue is the domain of culture and sports. We therefore support cultural and sports events and institutions that represent quality and value to the community.

Media relations

Opportunity Microcredit Romania considers of utmost importance that customers, investors and the public are always informed about the institution’s results, development, and offer. A determining means for communication is a fast, accurate, credible and consistent media communication. Our media communication practices are consistent and proactive. We believe that well informed customers and investors have a dominant role in the institution’s effective functioning. The objective of a balanced and conscious media communication is to convey transparent organizational operation, the organisation’s innovative but value focused status, the importance of players on the microcredit market as well as our responsible corporate activities.



More than:


disbursed loans

RON 289,947,770

disbursed value


jobs sustained

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