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Board of Directors


Keith Flintham – Chairman


As the highlight of his career, Keith Flintham considers managing the creation of a universal bank in Montenegro. He has fulfilled the role of Chief Executive Officer and subsequently Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Opportunity Microcredit Romania. He has spent a career spanning 40 years in commercial and international banking across a wide range of disciplines and countries.





S-P O’Mahony – Deputy Chairman


S-P O’Mahony has extensive experience in the field of international relations, foreign capital investment and regional development, as well as being a marketing and sales professional. During his career he has contributed to the activity of international institutions such as British Airways, Malév and the Embassy of Ireland in Romania.  He is at home in the field of regional social development, and is the CEO and Vice President of the Board of Directors of Opportunity Microcredit Romania, as well as working with GoodBrand, a consultancy specialised in developing corporate social strategy.




Frazer Hume - Member


Frazer joined Opportunity International in May 2011 as CEO of Opportunity Bank Serbia. He is also fulfilling a role as a Regional Director within the Opportunity International Group, overseeing business risk and governance at local board level. Previously Frazer worked for 29 years with the Barclays Bank Group in the UK, U.A.E and in a number of African countries where he held senior positions in risk and operations functions. His specialism is in risk management, with experience in a number of roles as Chief Risk Officer at Barclays Bank subsidiaries in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia. Frazer was Head of Operations for the International Bank of Qatar (part of the National Bank of Kuwait Group). Frazer has held positions as an executive director on company Boards and committees. Frazer is an Associate of the Chartered institute of Bankers, UK and holds a BSc degree in Financial Services from the University of Manchester.

Frazer is also a non-executive Board member of Opportunity International Savings and Loans Ltd in Ghana.






István Szabó – Member


István Szabó started his career as a factory worker and since then he has fulfilled a variety of jobs and positions. The most important moment in his life was getting to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and experiencing that all his sins were forgiven. His life and career have been molded by these events ever since. Having worked 10 years within Opportunity and being an ordained minister, as a Board member he aims to serve Opportunity's stakeholders and the success of the company according to all his talents, that everyone may see the unseen and praise the One worthy of praise.





Gera Voorrips – Member


Gera Voorrips has focused the last 6 years of her career on developing microfinance and payment products for unbanked clients. Her expertise is in banking and microfinance, with a focus on products and innovative delivery channels to reach unbanked individuals. She specializes in translating ideas and concepts into the daily practice of microfinance institutions.



More than:


disbursed loans

RON 289,947,770

disbursed value


jobs sustained

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