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Client stories

Vasile Botoș
The loans received from Opportunity Microcredit Romania have enabled Vasile Botoş to take significant steps in carrying out his dream of contributing with his art to the culture of the Transylvanian society.

Attila Kádár
Attila has always had the ambition to succeed through honest work and to provide a stable source of income for his family. Over the years he has tried several domains of activity, in some he was successful, in others he didn’t make it as planned. He currently focuses on offering services as well as trade activities, but his plans do not stop there.

Ferenc Szabó
With the financial support received from Opportunity microcredit Romania, Ferenc Szabó has already brought into effect a part of his business plans. The only thing that’s still ahead: a car wash, built exclusively for taxi drivers.

Augustin Motintan
“A true financial partner looks beyond traditional forms of collateral and sees the real value that secures the loan in the end. Opportunity understands our strengths and our potential, and that is what also motivates us to live up to their trust in our ability to grow our dairy farm.” - Augustin Motintan, dairy farmer.

Maria Angelica
“I never imagined that working with a financial partner could be as easy and productive as our experience has been with Opportunity. Their professional advice comes from a real understanding of our business and how to help us to manage our growth and prepare for the future.” - Maria Angelica Marksteiner, founder and owner S.C. Nicola Com S.R.L.

Viorel Bota
The story of a small entrepreneur who finds in Opportunity a reliable partner for his business development. Viorel Bota considered Opportunity an important partner in developing his business through the impact that each microloan delivered.

Viorica Boga
To offer clients trust when they need it the most, it’s a privilege at Opportunity! “I already took 4 loans from you and these helped me during the years to make changes, to gradually modernize the salon.” – says Viorica Boga.

József Ágoston
The story of a man who had the courage to dare for more, and his life was changed for good. No matter the circumstance you must have the courage and dare for more every day. Fear is inherent but in any situation it is important to have the power not to give up when problems arise and gather those experiences that give us lessons for the future.

Viorel Roșiu
It’s always uplifting to serve clients who are working with faith, passion and love. “I work with pleasure, I’m independent and I dedicate my time with passion. I think work protects you from bad things: poverty, addiction and diseases.” – says Mr. Roșiu.

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