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Management Team






János Bereczki – Chief Executive Officer


János Bereczki has over 17 years of experience in managing business and leading teams. He fulfills the role of Chief Executive Officer of the company since June 2016. As former Deputy CEO of Opportunity Microcredit Romania, he has coordinated the activity of departments: sales, risk and marketing communications.
János has a strong belief about the positive role of microfinance in Romania and in his over 12 years activity at OMRO he was involved in elaborating the development strategy of the institution and in the management of the lending activity of the company.
Previously Janos worked for 6 years for a Romanian local corporate company where he held various senior positions as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer.
He has a Bachelor degree in economics from Western University of Timisoara





Dana Gaga – Director (Finance)


In 1995, Dana Gaga was offered the chance to be part of a team that would implement a brand new concept in the Romanian economy: microfinance. At the beginning of her activity she managed the economic operations of this Institution, implementing the organizational structure and the financial systems step by step, then she became the head of Finance and Accounting Department. Currently she is part of the company’s senior management team, as a Deputy CEO.





Helga Dumitrescu – HR Manager


Helga Dumitrescu is a certified trainer and psychologist, specialized in work psychology. She joined Opportunity Microcredit Romania in 2006 and coordinated the Human Resources Department. Helga believes she has found her vocation through the human resources field that has enabled her to combine her intuition and practicality.





Csilla Henter – Office Manager


Csilla Henter has been employed at Opportunity Microcredit Romania since 1995, when the Company was founded. She has grown along with the Institution in knowledge and experience. Last year she  was appointed to be part of the Management Team of the Company. She believes she can contribute to the development of the institution by promoting Christian values, values that have been the foundation of Opportunity, with its mission to improve life for all people who choose its services.





Rodica Todoran – Risk Manager


Rodica Laz─âr has spent most of her professional career as a Risk Manager in one of the largest banks in Romania. Those have been the years when she learnt that a successful manager is to inspire her subordinates to risk and to learn, by being their example. She joined Opportunity Microcredit Romania, challenged by its spirit and values, and because of the way the institution appreciates people. Here she has found her balance between creativity and responsibility that brings professional satisfaction.



More than:


disbursed loans

RON 289,947,770

disbursed value


jobs sustained

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