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Flowers for the soul

To celebrate the International Elderly Day, celebrated on 1st October, this year we joined the campaign initiated by The Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation, "Flowers for the Soul".


Based on the cities where we have our Branches, we visited elders who are living in various homes and dear customers and collaborators to bring them a flower and to celebrate together this day.


We managed to go to the “Congregation of St. Joseph” in Alba Iulia, to the "Home for the elderly" belonging to the City Council of Tg. Mureș, the "House of Holy Trinity Church in Brașov Schei" in Brașov and to the "Retirement Home" in Frumoasa, Harghita county.


In total we've meet with 250 grandfathers and grandmothers, with whom we had the opportunity to talk, to find out how they feel and to send a good thought as a sign of appreciation for their experience.

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Products for supporting investments

Opportunity Microcredit România continues to support small entrepreneurs through the granted products.


In order to support investments within manufacturing, trade, services, construction, transport activities and in agriculture, the loan term for CREATIV and AGROINVEST loans was extended from 5 to 7 years.


Also, the loan amount of CONFORT+ for house improvement increased from RON 50,000 to RON 100,000 and the loan term from 5 to 7 years.


Our Loan Officers are available for providing the small entrepreneurs with additional information, personalized offers and to answer to any question regarding the possibility to access financial support. 

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The SMEs in the retail sector have created the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises from Romania

The small traders from Romania gathered in an association to support their interests in relation with national and international entities. The SMEs in the retail sector have created the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ANCMMR), which has the role to promote their interests as well as the consumers’ interest who feel the negative impact of the disappearance of small traders.


“Small traders do not have the economic power of large chain stores. Here is where the support of the association intervenes, substituting an extensive network of stores with tens of thousands of representatives.”



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The 7.2 million tonswheat production is the highest in the last eight years


The highest crop in the last eight years was obtained at wheat and rye and the rapeseed production is close to the the record from 2011. As an average yield per hectare the crops obtained from wheat, rye oats and rapeseed are the largest in the last years.


Agriculture Minister,Daniel Constantin, presented recently in a press conference the results of the harvesting campaign. Wheat and rye achieved a total production of 7,296 million tons, with an average of 3,472 kg per hectare. It is the best crop of the last eight years (in 2005, thecropobtained was of 7,389 million tons, but on a larger area of about 450,000 hectares). The barley production is 1.5 million tons, with an average of 3,279 kg per hectare, and the oat 362,237 tones, with an average of 1,960 tons per hectare.


Rapeseed also achieved a very good production of 647,811 tons, with an average production of 2,274 kg per hectare (in the record year 2011 rapeseed harvest was 739 thousand tons, with an average of 1,882 kg per hectare).




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Isarescu, BNR: Economic growth should be 4 pc per annum

It will be better for Romania’s economic growth to be 4 per cent a year if this is its potential, instead of 7 per cent, Governor of the National Bank of Romania (BNR) Mugur Isarescu told Wednesday in the 11th edition of the event ‘Mugur Isarescu and his guests.’ The theme chosen by Isarescu for this year was Romania’s economic outlook.


‘I hope we will learn once and forever  that if we speed up economic growth beyond a sustainable level in pre-election times, we only speed up its decline in the post-election ones. Romania should want a long development cycle with as few declines as possible. (…) Concomitantly with such type of economic growth I believe we have to finalise Romania’s infrastructures. Remember, this is not physical infrastructure I am talking about, such as transport infrastructure, by the healthcare and education ones,’ said Isarescu.

He added that education, as well as healthcare, is a major source in securing the human capital that is so important in the modern economy.


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