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Our Microcredit Activity


It’s the 18th year since Opportunity Microcredit Romania has recognized and put emphasis on the vital economic and social role of micro and small businesses of the region. This sector significantly influences the development of the Romanian economy regarding competition and labor market. Nevertheless, these businesses often meet difficulties in their attempt to access financial services.


There is a high number of sustainable and creditworthy microenterprises that cannot gain access to the banking sector. It happens due to lack of guarantees and lack of verifiable credit history. Due to high costs or weak guarantees for their credit scoring system commercial banks consider lending to microenterprises as highly risky.


Sustainable development of small companies can be promoted through improving their competitiveness and their ability to generate income. A onetime capital injection or temporary and cheap financial resources may not be the answer to these people. Our institution offers long-term, reliable and affordable financial support to creditworthy but not bankable small and micro businesses. Through financial solutions and microloans specially designed for their needs we enable them to access financial resources.


Loans are used to acquire machinery, equipment, software, IT and working capital, as well as to finance investments for modernizing existing or rented buildings. In addition, they may use the loans for business expansion, purchase of working capital and services. Our offer includes microloans reaching maximum RON120,000 with maximum maturity of 24 months for working capital loans and 48 months for investment loans.


Through microcredit, Opportunity Microcredit Romania:


- assures a variety of flexible financial products adapted to customer needs;


- offers loans to entrepreneurs at the beginning of their business;


- enables small and microbusinesses to widen their business opportunities, resulting in more efficient and sustainable development;


- reduces market inefficiencies that inhibit the development of small and micro enterprises;


- helps businesses grow, and as it does, various types of banking services become available;


- enables clients to develop, and developments result in employment and investment growth, as well as improved capital quality;


- provides better living conditions for small-and micro-enterprise owners and their families;


- sustains and creates countless jobs.

More than:


disbursed loans

RON 289,947,770

disbursed value


jobs sustained

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